HUGPUN Whole GrainX10 Berry


Whole GrainX10 Berry

300 g.


  • Whole Grain essence extracted Brown Rice 40%

  • Whole Grain essence extracted Red Rice 40%

  • Whole Grain essence extracted Rice berry 20%

Whole Grain X10 is a natural wholegrain essence extracted from stabilised wholegrain Brown rice, Rice berry and Red rice. Rich in vitamins and minerals from wholegrain*,which helps to improve digestion and support healthy bone density, immune system, hormonal balance, heart health and kidneys.


Easy to use

  • Mix and cook with white rice to make wholegrain rice or mix with rice porridge and rice soup.


    Mix with cool and hot beverages such as soybean milk, coco or milk.

  • Mix with smoothies or health drinks.

  • Mix with flour to make cakes, pancakes, bread or cookies.ow to use


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