we support primary processors to extract the best possible value from their investment and hardwork.

we continue to invest in functional and modern production and research facilities, supported by a dedicated team of quality conscious staff.

through 360 degree feedback and innovative marketing, we strive to ensure our consumers become an integrated part of our lives and have multi-channel access to a portfolio of benefits that serve to make their lives healthier.

Important and valuable unity is human.Confidence in the wisdom and abilities of humans.

Medifoods will become a globally recognized leader, providing Vitality and Wellbeing to the world. We will develop the highest quality natural solutions for healthy minds and bodies. Our products and company culture will be admired, and we will become the destination for Health & Wellness.

We strive to enhance and sustain the lives of every community with whom our integrated company is associated.

Awards & Quality

Hom Mali Rice Award 2012

Premium Quality Rice Award 2012

Worlds Remakerable
Quality Award 2011

Worlds Best Rice 2010