The rice society is committed to developingmankind's capability & productivity.

Using these concepts of Growing Rice - Growing Wisdomwill create a sustainable happiness of Mind and Body

Kon: Humans are a great & unique resource who possess the ability to either develop or destroy our beautiful world. Clearly the only way to maintain life’s natural beauty is to embrace nature and educate mankind to adopt practices that will lead to supporting a platform for sustainable living.

Tham: In Buddha’s teachings, this word means Natural. In Tham, all lives and souls live together in harmony with kindness, respect and fairness. Tham is therefore a way of cultivating the knowledge and practice that dynamically holds together the fabric of society and natural phenomena, and provides Body & Soul with a sustainable and happy life.

Na: The meaning of this word is split and reflects present and future. Na-kao (Rice field): For the present time, this is an area of land where our Rice of Life is physically grown, but is also where our commercial interests begin. We need to nurture this land to ensure that we continue to seed and harvest food and nutrition to create a sustainable food chain, but in so doing we also look after our business, making sure that we generate financial gains that benefit and support our society.

Na-boon (Field of wisdom): For our future, it is on these fields that we generate knowledge and hence through trial, gain wisdom. This rice field and our society thus also allows us to develop a true sense of mindfulness for today, tomorrow and into the next life.